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Over de regisseurs van Jong Talent

Sebastian Mulder - Nature All Rights reserved

Sebastian Mulder was born in 1994. After finishing high school he went on to study film at The School Of Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands. He recently graduated with the film ‘Nature: All Rights Reserved’ which premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival 2016 and gave him a nomination for the Diorapthe Award (best director). Sebastian Mulder has always been fascinated with the changing relationships between humans and nature and hopes to examine this subject more in his future work. Sebastian Mulder has a love for experimental en poetic documentaries. Raising questions about the future of our world is what he wants to achieve with his films.

Jochem van Gunster - De opmars van You tube

Dit zijn de 2 introductievlogs van Jochem over zijn film:

Jotte den Dulk - Tabee

Jotte den Dulk (DenHaag,1992)graduated as a documentary filmmaker from the HKU(University of the Arts Utrecht) in 2016.She is currently working as an Impact Producer and researcher at BALDR Film, as a Directors Assistant at WeFilm and she is working on newprojects

Klaartje Til - Coco Cabassa
Klaartje Til (‘93) born and grew up in Afrika ,as a daughter of an Antropologist At the age of 8 years she moved to the Netherlands. During her study at an Art Highschool she became familiar with making films. She was 15 years old when she was asked to be a member of the DocU Jury Award at IDFA. This experience gave her entrance to the world of Documentaries. From that moment she knew she wanted to make documentaries herself. She applied for the HKU (Audiovisual Department) and graduated with this documentary ‘Coco Cabassa’, that had his worldpremiere at the IDFA 2016.

Yaron Cohen - Until the Quiet comes
Yaron Cohen (1985, Nijmegen ) studied directing documentary at the University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands. During his studies, he has directed and produced short documentaries, which were selected for several international film festivals and broadcasted on Dutch television. Often his documentaries tell intimate, observing, stories about people, their personal struggles and their resilience, which show the human side of macro-social and political developments. Besides making documentaries, Yaron's love for storytelling outs itself also in (analog) photography and fictional films. In a project he likes to combine these disciplines

Yuri Keukens & Bas Galesloot - Het Levenshuis
Yuri Keukens graduated at HKU Audiovisual Department in 2011. In an early stage he knew that he wanted to specialise in camera and documentaries. 'Het Levenshuis' is his graduation film. For the research and shooting he went together with two student -colleagues to Novosibirsk in Russia. After his graduation he started with Bas Galesloot Rabarber Productions In Utrecht. Together they realised several films. At the moment Yuri is also working as a photographer at ArtEZ in Arnhem and busy with shooting videoclips.
Bas Galesloot is working as an editor at deVertellers BV , Amsterdam

Marijn Maas    Another Shot
Marijn Maas was born in the morning of the third of December 1992. For the first seventeen years of his life, he lived a typical Dutch life. He went to high school, where
he was an awkward little panda. He made his first little films there, which of course were terrible. When he graduated high school he had a little accident. He broke his spine, shattered both his heelbones and had a bunch of other broken bones.He fell from a balcony with his stupid drunk face. He was in the hospital and rehabilitation centre for about 9 months before moving back home. He has pretty severe spinal cord damage. Right now he walks most of the time and only uses his wheelchair inside the house or outside the house for long distances, but at the start he was fully dependent on his wheelchair. As you can imagine this experience and having a handicap has had an enormous impact on his life.
During his rehabilitation Marijnunderwent a number of significant changes. In his character in his everything. He found a love for film and he found a drive in himself that he didn’t have before. First this was focussed on literally getting back the physical ability to get out of bed, to move around, to be independent, but as soon as he got those back, he wanted to prove to the world that he would be the coolest cripple in the world. I kept setting goals for myself. Now, four years later, you can barely see that he has a problem with walking. He has made over 10 short films, one medium length drama and an experimental documentary about his generation and he has gotten into the London Film School. Marijn: “I know who I am. I know what I want to become. I look with anticipation to what the future will bring me”