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Director Jan van den Berg

Jan van den Berg, started making films in the early seventies from his original field of study, cultural anthropology. During his fieldwork at the Leiden university he made his first film:
Olverenos (1975), about the inhabitants of a village in Andalusia, where because of continuous drought, more and more man had to leave the village to look for a living abroad.
Since that time he made many documentaries and drama productions. The films are mostly about people at the cutting edge between cultures.

Utrecht at the Sea
The story of the artist and his/her relation to his environment are the central focal points in the films of Utrecht at the Sea. Jan van den Berg offers the viewer the opportunity to identify with the artist and relate to his or her statements. This way, the valuation of the artist’s work is connected to well known places in the city. Many of its history is lost, but more has been saved: places, images and stories.
‘Lines of Imagination’ shows the illusive simplicity of Dick Bruna’s work, the man who’s illustrated books, filled with clear but soft lines, became a big success among children around the world.
‘The bended lines of Sybold van Revesteyn’ pays a tribute to the architect by a small homage by Antoni Folkers and an interview with Ravesteyn himself.
‘The Movie Canister of Jos Stelling’ tells us about the famous Utrecht based filmmaker, his youth in the Abstede neighborhood and how his adventures with a movie canister started his career.

Director Sherman de Jesus - The spirit of the warf and The Zero Revolution -

Sherman De Jesus is a scriptwriter and director.
He spend many hours at creating television and documentaries. He is co-founder of the Dutch Film Festival and was its first Director for five years, he initiated the first Dutch Film Market and the Cinema Militans Reading; he was also a member of the Golden Calf jury and director of the Cultural Media Fund.
Along with Cecile van Eijk he runs the production company Memphis Film & Television
They produced fiction and non fiction films such as the feature film ‘Boy Ecury' about a black resistance fighter, written by Arthur Japin and directed byFrans Weisz. The long nonfiction film ‘Souls of Naples’ Vincent Monnikendam is the winner of the Crystal Film and screened at over thirty festivals. Another festivalhit is ‘Tulip Time’, a co-production with broadcaster Rai and Luce. The short film ‘Treasure’ of the Tamar Dop was an Oscar submission. The documentary Lost down Memory Lane drew 40,000 moviegoers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Director Tie van der Horst

‘Architecture in Oost’ 4 films about buildings and their Architects in Utrecht Oost

Tie van der Horst is working as director and producer since the early eighties
Her films are to be characterized by a large social commitment.
For twenty years she was the managing director of AVS (Audio Visual Centre) in Utrecht
a job that she combined with making producing and directing her own films.
From the nineties, she started focussing on building & architecture and cultural heritage. For UPC she produced and directed five filmseries of modern architecture in Europe. Among other museums, bridges, public buildings, theaters, Expo buildings etc.
At the moment Tie van der Horst is developing a new series on care for people that suffer from Alzheimer